Comments on the Business Case: Technical Factors page

1. Identifying Technical Factors for a Specific Organization
     * How important is it to the organization to:
           o enable content on different configurations? provide 
           o be prepared for advanced Web technologies? provide 
future-compatibility of the organization's technology?

The second part of the two bottom bullets here are not used 
correctly.  If they are used here as phrases and the bullets are used 
later in the documents as headers then you would expect them to also 
be part of the header below. They are not part of the header. The 
second option is that the same phrases would be used in the paragraph 
under those headers but seem not to appear though in some regards are 

The question is, if the phrase is not replicated in the discussion, 
then should it appear here? I believe it should not appear here 
unless you are going to repeat it below either as part of the header 
or replicate it in the text with explanation. Otherwise it is sort of 
a disconnected piece. You may somewhat answer it but because you do 
not specifically restate with this phrasiology, the normal reader 
will not necessarily connect the question with the answer.

2.     * How important is it to the organization to have high-quality 
Web sites that meet international standards and guidelines?
       Many of the technical factors relating to Web accessibility, 
including many of the WCAG 1.0 Checkpoints listed in the sections 
below, lead to high quality sites that meet W3C international 
standards and guidelines for Web technology. @@maybe say that there 
are documents extoling the virtues & business case for Web standards 
in general, and often directly include accessibility @@

This item seems like it belongs in the document but it seems somewhat 
out of place.  This too looks like you would expect it to be 
replicated below as a header with further explanation but it has 
neither a header or more explanation. I would suggest changing its 
level here so that there is no expectation of more below but that it 
is a paragraph further amplifying what the reader will be viewing as 
they read the headers below.  The position is fine but the level is 


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