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Hello Roberto,

thank you for sending the information to us.

I am preparing the update of italian policy section so that Shawn can post 
it on the policy page:

I am sorry that we replied so late to your message.

I have a question concerning the translation of the law text.

We would like to provide a link to the English translation. But in your 
first e-mail from March 31, you sent following link:

In a following e-mail you wrote that the link was not working very well and 
you sent the whole English translation.

To which document in English can we then point?

What is the English translation of the law title?

Thank you for the information.


A 18:31 16/03/2004, Roberto Castaldo a écrit :
>Hi folks,
>In december 2003 a new lwa has been approved in Italy about Web
>accessibility. Two weeks ago has started the work to create the implementing
>rules to make it really work; me and Roberto Scano are involved in the
>government groups that will do that job.
>So, this is the time to add some new information to the W3C policies page;
>I've read the rules on submitting
>updates, so I'm writing those notes to you; i think they're clear enough...
>If not, please let me know.
><h2><a name="Italy">Italy</a></h2>
><div class="bodymargin1">
><p>Legislation: <a href=""><span
>lang="IT">[Italian] Legge Stanca - "Disposizioni per favorire l'accesso dei
>soggetti disabili agli strumenti informatici"</span></a>, jan 2004</p>
><p>Jurisdiction: -</p>
><p class="prelist">Relevant documents:</p>
><ul class="notop">
>   <li class="spacing">Directive of the Government of Italy regarding Web
>     Accessibility [formerly at
>] </li>
><p class="prelist">Additional information:</p>
><ul class="notop">
>   <li class="spacing"><a
>     <span lang="it">Atto Camera 3486: Norme per il diritto di accesso ai
>     servizi e alle risorse telematiche pubbliche e di pubblica utilita' da
>     parte dei cittadini diversamente abili</span></a> (Chamber of Deputy Act
>     nr. 3486: Norms for the right to access to the services and the resource
>     of public administrations and public utilities for people with
>     disabilities)</li>
>Here are the most interesting points of the new italian law:
>- The law is applied to public administrations, public and telecommunication
>services with state  partecipation web sites
>- In a time of 90 days, implementing regulations will be developed and
>published, under the control of many associations (people with disabilities
>associations, web developers association - IWA/HWG). These rules will be
>based on the European Union accessibility guidelines; these guidelines
>enforce all states to adopt WCAG 1.0 AA guidelines. So, this law is based
>upon WCAG 1.0 :-)
>- A control commission is going to be created (90 days max); this commission
>will apply the guidelines on the public administration web sites, and also
>on those private ones whose managers who will ask for its "opinion"
>- Should any organization involved in this law not apply the rules, all the
>contracts which do not contemplate web accessibility as a structural
>requirement will be considerated as not existent, they will be  simply
>cancelled, and the manager will be considered fully responsable for the
>damage occurred to his organization.
>- Moreover, the law will need the creation of groups of testers (teams of
>web professionals and people with disabilities from various enterprises and
>organizations); those groups will control all the public administration and
>government web sites accessibility and usability (we're going to develop the
>guidelins about it), and there will be two levels of control: instrumental
>and human (we will find out later the software tools the control teams will
>use for instrumental check).
>Thank you for your attention,
>My best regards
>Roberto Castaldo
>www.Webaccessibile.Org Coordinator
>IWA/HWG Member
>Cell 348 3700161
>Icq 178709294

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