My overview of the suite 'Business Case Review'

Hello All,
I've read through the documents.  At two points I had some minor issues come
up.  On the Social Factors page in the paragraph titled; 'Role of
Organizations' Web Sites', I saw the use of the word, 'product', four times.

I believe that the word Assets better suits the usage to which Products in
the first two instances appears.  In the third instance of the word Products
I found the word, Resources, appropriate.  And I would leave the fourth
product alone.

That paragraph would then read:

When an organization's Web ASSETS (Web site, authoring tool, etc.) are not
accessible, they further exclude people with disabilities from society. When
an organization's Web ASSETS are accessible, they empower people with
disabilities to participate in society. Providing accessible Web RESOURCES
can directly increase Web product usage,

My second observations is on the Policy page.  The Title sentence strikes me
as better worded this way:  

"Are the legal risks of not providing accesss an important factor for the

I have no other reservations to make about the suite.  I would sign off on
the suite at this point.

Doyle Saylor 
Business Systems Consultant 
Intranet Hosting Services 
Wells Fargo Services Corporation 

Received on Monday, 5 April 2004 10:14:30 UTC