Web Accessibility -- Financial Factors

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Add WCAG reference used herein, even though the overview general reference 
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3. Editorial Lint:

My meta:

XdeleteX _insert_
(P2) paragraph 2
(S1) sentence 1
(B1) bullet 1

B1 How concerned is the organization with cutting Web-related costs?
     B1  ... or might it _be_ in the future?
     B2  ... or might it _be_ in the future?

Financial Benefits

Increased Web Site Use

P2 S1    ... get more funding Xand demonstrateX _by demonstrating_

Increased potential use in more situations ...

S1.   ...can _be used _ more easily Xbe usedX

Increases usability

P1 S2 ...their goals XwithX _effectiveXnessXly with efficiency_X,X and

  ?what is viral marketing?

Direct Cost Savings
S2 ...(which _also_ includes ...

Decreases cost of translating

S1 B4 ...markup Xrather thanX _in addition to_


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