Case for Web Accessiblity -- Technical Factors

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Technical Factors  -- mentions many W3C technologies -- give top-level
the reference to  where they can be found.

Suggest referencing Dublin Core -- particularly as it is addressing 

Also the work on EARL from the Evaluation and Repair group, which uses RSS.

3. Editorial Lint:
Under "Be prepared for Advanced Technologies"
     "Allow for syndication of Information" ?what does this mean -- reference?

Eric Miller's slide on it is content-free:

How does metatdata help?

I learn from

====   Is this what the text refers to? ====

Syndication And Distribution

XML systems can be used to collect and redistribute information 
(syndication) and to make available information that otherwise may not be 

Syndication is a system of encouraging information providers to make 
available synopses of their resources in an XML format, then gathering the 
synopses, aggregating them into a database or menu system and then making 
them available.
    * <>   [an off-topic link]
Using RSS, an XML schema, information can be maintained in many different 
locations yet easily aggregated onto a central site. The University of 
Texas uses RSS to gather campus news onto a central page.



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