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JUHTA (Julkisen hallinnon neuvottelukunta )

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Cooperation in information management between the State and the municipalities

An Advisory Committee on Information Management in Public Administration, 
JUHTA, has been set up at the Ministry of the Interior to promote 
cooperation in information management between the State and the 
municipalities. The Committee plans cooperation in information management, 
makes reports and studies, and draws up recommendations for the public 
administration (JHS recommendations).

       coordinates the development of information technology, information 
management and electronic services in the central and local government
       promotes the use of information technology in the public 
       sets standards and draws up guidelines related to its area of 
       defines administrative principles in its area of competence
A significant part of the recommendations for the public administration 
(JHS recommendations) are related to electronic services, for example, to 
message based data transfer (JHS 111-120), websites (JHS 129), use of 
e-mail (JHS 132), contact information indexes (JHS 133), metainformation in 
electronic documents and forms (JHS 143-144) as well as to 
customer-friendly service indexes (JHS 145).

The State and the municipalities also cooperate in building subregional 
networks and portals and related services.

The aim is to strengthen the role of the JUHTA Committee by the proposals 
for measures included in the action programme 2002-2003 for e-Government. 
Mr Markku Nenonen started working as General Secretary for JUHTA on 18 
March 2002.

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