Re: tabbing navigation & Re: Call for review: Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility


We're aware of this issue and have run some experiments with different 
browsers to try to isolate the problem, since navigation anomalies does not 
seem to be a problem in IE6 only, but to some extent in a few versions of 
other browsers as well.

The next stage will be running some experiments with some different 
navigation options at the header -- beyond the many nav options that were 
initially tested last year for this design.

It is being addressed, and your comments have been acknowledged on other 
lists already, but a new design isn't available yet. In the meantime we 
needed to get this page out for review. We will insert the new design once 
it's available & has been tested.

- Judy

At 08:19 AM 10/12/01 +0100, Jonathan Chetwynd wrote:
>It should be possible using ie6 to navigate this document via tabbing.
>It isn't.
>Try tabbing to (contents) "Preliminary Review" , tab to #prelim, tab
>I've already raised this issue, and believe it is worth addressing.
>It does set a poor precedent.
>jonathan chetwynd
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