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FW: [XP] Quality is free...

From: Dađi Ingólfsson <dadi@hugur.is>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 08:17:52 -0000
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From: Dale Emery
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Subject: Re: [XP] Quality is free...

>Hi Dadi,

>> How can one counter the argument of so ruthlessly reaching the
>> almighty "deadline" that quality falls by the wayside?

>Can you make the "quality" tangible and meaningful to whoever is 
>making the tradeoff?  

If I did that it would probably get me in trouble with my manager ;-) No,
really, that is what I must do but I´m afraid that I´m not going to be able
to get it across because the delay between cause and effect is quite long
here. This is the reason refactoring and test-first, not to mention
pair-programming, has been a pretty hard sell. Also the effects may not even
be noticeable to the customer or the manager because they haven´t really
been able to experience the effects of the disciplined applications of the
XP practices. But, I guess you´re saying I need to find a way to shorten
this delay. Any suggestions?

>Who suffers because quality has fallen?  

Mostly the customer, but also the programmers.

>In what ways do they suffer?  How great is the pain?  When do they 
>experience the pain?  

This is what I´m referring to in the first part of my reply. If this is the
speed at which this customer has been getting his software it may not
register as pain to him at all.

>Can they see how the pain results from the 
>choices that led quality to fall?

Somehow I need to make them see it because they certainly are not seeing it



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