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Re: Unblobbing Re: XML Gets Blobbed

From: <rhimes@nmcourt.fed.us>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 07:21:03 -0700
Message-Id: <9904239248.AA924873797@nmcourt.fed.us>
To: <jboyer@uwi.com>
Cc: <w3c-xml-sig-ws@w3.org>
John Boyer wrote:


    <engine>Microsoft CryptoAPI</engine> 
    <provider>DataKey SmartCard</provider> 
    <params>alg="RSA"; hash="sha1"; certs="signeronly"; ... </params> 
    <resources> ... </resources>
Also, I know it's enticing to consider writing the content of <params> as 
XML.  But leaving it as PCDATA is useful for a number of reasons.  First, we 
want to just pass it off as a string to the signing engine.  Rather than 
having to wrap an XML parser into the signing engine, we can use the few 
dozen or so lines of code it takes to parse a block of MIME parameters. Also, 
we avoid the whole DTD namespace issue, so the DTD describing the signature 
element doesn't have to change every time we want to add a new technology (it 
still won't anwser the first issue, but out of curiousity, could one of you 
namespace demigods comment on whether there is a workaround for this?).

Perhaps RDF?

Rich Himes <rhimes@nmcourt.fed.us>
Received on Friday, 23 April 1999 09:23:52 UTC

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