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RE: Avoid ASN.1 Re: XML versus ASN.1/DER blob

From: Richard D. Brown <rdbrown@GlobeSet.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 13:48:17 -0500
To: "'Alan Kotok'" <kotok@w3.org>, <dee3@us.ibm.com>
Cc: <w3c-xml-sig-ws@w3.org>
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Granted :-)

Richard D.

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> Subject: Re: Avoid ASN.1 Re: XML versus ASN.1/DER blob
> While I know I am on the heretical fringe here, I would like 
> whatever we do
> in this activity to allow for public key bindings to be 
> conveyed in other
> than X.509 certificates.  Before you start shooting, let me 
> assure you that
> I want to accomodate them, too.  But I personally find the 
> ideas in the
> SDSI/SPKI approach to be very attractive, and someday I'd 
> like to see those
> ideas implemented in an RDF syntax.
> After all, as has been stated on this list, trust in a public 
> key-based
> signature is gained through attestation by a known, trusted 
> party that said
> key should be trusted for the purpose to which it is being 
> used.  Since
> there are many reasons one would want to trust a key other 
> than identity
> (like affiliation, for example), a set of RDF assertions 
> signed by the 3rd
> party can well convey the desired information.  But I am not 
> proposing to
> develop such a new "certificate" standard here.  I am 
> proposing that we
> recognize that ASN.1 is not at the core of this technology, and that
> whatever we do accomodates a wide set of authentication means.
> Alan
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