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I have last minute regrets unfortunately for this week.

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Apologies for this week, but I'll need to be driving someone to their dental appointment at the time of the call.

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Subject: Agenda: User Agent telecon 20 Nov 2014
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Agenda+ Strategy for Completion. Setting a baseline for SCs remaining in the document.
Agenda+ comments - Finish MS06 - levels
2.10 flashing, not A but UA doesn't always know whats flashing
2.11.7 nav by semantics - should be for AT
2.12.2 operation with any device. should be A not AA
2.12.3 text input with any device. should be AA or even A not AAA
3.1.2 setting changes reversed/confirmed, should be AA not A
3.1.4 spell check, should be A not AA
4.1.2 dom writing should be AA not A
5.1.1 5.1.2 web-based UA

Agenda+ Action items 1037 - 1053

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