Sample rewritten test case

Greetings! Per the last call, I've tried rewriting a sample test using a proposed format that's based on that used by WCAG. You can find this at Overkill? Let me know whether you think, and any suggestions for improving it.

By the way, when I looked over some of the WCAG test procedures I quickly discovered that they're not very consistent in wording or formatting, nor do I agree with all of their choices, so I mixed and matched elements from various of their tests. I also switched to using headings per Jeanne's Template page.

The test could have been split into two separate procedures, but I left them combined into a single set of steps so that the initialization steps (research UA commands, and open test document) don't have to be repeated. Arguments can be made for either approach. Similarly, the Notes could be done in this way (at the beginning of the first and only Test Procedure), or put before all of the Test Procedures, or put inline into each Test Procedure, etc.


Received on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 23:32:54 UTC