Test for 2.3.4

Assertion: The user can have any direct commands in the UA user interface
<http://w3c.github.io/UAAG/UAAG20-Reference/#def-ua-ui> (e.g. keyboard
shortcuts) be presented with their associated user interface controls (e.g.
"Ctrl+S" displayed on the "Save" menu item and toolbar button).

1. observe that keyboard shortcuts are present in menus
2. use the browser user interface configuration mechanism, select "turn off
display of keyboard shortcuts in menus" or something similar ( if pass go
to next else fail)
3. observe that keyboard shortcuts are no longer visible in menus ( if pass
go to next else fail)

​Expected Results:
1, 2, 3 are true

keyboard short cuts on seems to be the default. I could not find a way to
turn them off. ​

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Received on Monday, 6 October 2014 20:40:32 UTC