Proposal: 3.3.2 and OCAD42 comment

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3.3.2 Document Accessibility Features: All features of the user agent that
meet User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 success criteria are
documented. (Level A)

comment OCAD42: The corresponding ATAG2 SC was rewritten:

OCAD42 [needs proposal]

Proposal: using ATAG as a model, rewrote for UAAG. The ATAG definition as
based on feedback from vendors. It is more comprehensive. I believe the IER
is ok even with the rewording.

3.3.2 Describe Accessibility Features:

For each user agent feature that is used to meet UAAG 2.0, at least one of
the following is true: (Level A)

    (a) Described in the Documentation: Use of the feature is explained in
the user agents's documentation; or
    (b) Described in the Interface: Use of the feature is explained in the
user agent user interface; or
    (c) Platform Service: The feature is a service provided by an
underlying platform; or
    (d) Not Used by Users: The feature is not used directly by users (e.g.,
passing information to a platform accessibility service).

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