Re: Text customization proposal


Thank you for considering the work that Shawn and I have done.  I am
sorry I couldn't be there with you but it took a lot of research to
pull the facts for our suggestions together.  That's all I have done
this year.

I think Shawn's "Essential Components of Web Accessibility" is key
guide.  If there is no user agent to support an accessible content
structure, why implement it? Also that the user agent is rapidly
becoming the entire universe of communication.  The old model of the
browser sending messages through an API to an external assistive
technology is less feasible in environments like Chrome machines.
This relates to text customization in the following way:

Browsers are the best systems for rendering text today.  An external
assistive technology would have to duplicate all of a browser's UI to
be viable.  Thus, for text customization, the user agent is the
central component for delivering appropriate presentations of text
based content to users.  This is a shift in base technology that has
solidified since the completion of WCAG 2..

Once again, I appreciate your work.


On 9/5/13, Jeanne Spellman <> wrote:
> Shawn and Wayne did a lot of work to put together a proposal for UAWG to
> consider. I have put their notes on our wiki on this page:
> I am putting their proposal into our more standard format this morning.
>   Please review the wiki page before the meeting.
> Regards,
> jeanne

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