1.6.2 Speech Pitch and Range

My suggested change to 1.6.2.  I reviewed a number of speech engines and platforms and found the availability dependent on the actual speech engine, and the UA would only be able to expose the pitch controls if the user's selected TTS engine supplied them.  I used 1.6.3 (copied below for reference) as model for the text in 1.6.2.


1.6.2 Speech Pitch and Range: If synthesized speech is produced, the user can specify the following if offered by the speech synthesizer: (Level AA)## DONE TPAC

 - pitch (average frequency of the speaking voice), and

 - pitch range (variation in average frequency)

Note: Because the technical implementations of text to speech engines vary (e.g., formant-based synthesis or concatenative synthesis), a specific engine may not support varying pitch or pitch range.  A user agent will expose the availability of pitch and pitch range control if the currently selected or installed text to speech engine offers this capability.

1.6.3 Advanced Speech Characteristics: The user can adjust all of the speech characteristics offered by the speech synthesizer. (Level AAA)## DONE TPAC

Received on Thursday, 20 September 2012 20:45:59 UTC