Re: [ot] new high contrast media feature from MS Windows 8

Interesting, although I wish they'd made the reserved words "light-on-dark" and "dark-on-light" instead of "white-on-black" and "black-on-white" to avoid promoting the widespread but erroneous impression that users with low vision use monochrome display settings. It would be unfortunate if authors assume the names were to be taken literally.

Also, while their example of changing background images would make sense in some documents, most background images should be hidden altogether when high contrast mode is detected.

Obviously it would be best if this were all part of a W3C standard, rather than a vendor-specific extension.

Another thought: while most major platforms support a global flag the user can set to request high contrast visuals, and make its state available to user agents, has there ever been an equivalent flag by which the user could request high contrast audio (e.g. muting background tracks, potentially optimizing sound-output parameters for spoken words, etc.)?

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Subject: [ot] new high contrast media feature from MS Windows 8
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