Proposed Changes to Implementation Intro

Kim and I were working on an editorial pass of the Implementing 
Introduction when we realized our changes to "What Qualifies as a User 
Agent" exceeded editorial. We wanted to be sure that web apps on desktop 
and mobile phone apps were included. At the risk of opening a serious 
black hole, we propose...


What Qualifies as a User Agent?

These guidelines employ the following tests to determine if software 
qualifies as a user agent. UAAG 2.0 divides potential user agents into

* platform-based application
* extension or plug-in
* web-based application

If the following three conditions are met, then it is a platform-based 

* It is a standalone application, and
* It interprets any W3C-specified language, and
* It provides a user interface or interprets a procedural or declarative 
language that may be used to provide a user interface

If the following two conditions are met then it is an extension or plug-in:
* It is launched by, or extends the functionality of a browser or media 
player, and
* Post-launch user interaction is included in, or is within the bounds 
of the browser or media player.

If the following three conditions are met then it is an web-based 
* The user interface is generated by a procedural or declarative 
language; and
* The user interface is embedded in an application that renders web 
content, and
* User interaction is controlled by a procedural or declarative 
language, or if user interaction does not modify the Document Object 
Model of its containing document.

Received on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 15:43:30 UTC