Notes for finishing up Principle 1 Action-721

I am renumbering Principle 1 per Action-721 and am finding a few things 
we need to address.
1.2.4 (formerly - I haven't renumbered that yet) refers to the new 1.1.1 
  - "Success criterion 1.1.1 requires that the user be informed when the 
document indicates that alternative content is present, but the browser 
may not know that the alternative content is broken until the user 
actually attempts to render or play it."

This does not exactly fit the new 1.1.1:
"1.1.1 Identify Presence of Unrendered Alternative Content:
For any content element, the user can choose to render any types of 
alternative content that are present. (Level A) ## DONE 28 March 2012"

this could be ok, but wanted to check with the group

1.3.1 (former) refers to 1.1.3
(d) elements with alternative content (see 1.1.3)
(new)1.1.3 Indicate Unrendered Alternative Content:
The user can have indicators displayed adjacent to rendered content when 
unrendered alternative content is present. (Level AA) ## DONE 28 March 2012

Received on Sunday, 3 June 2012 20:34:22 UTC