Action 731: Write IER for 1.7.4

1.7.4 states:
1.7.4 Save copies of stylesheets:

The user can save copies of the stylesheets referenced by the current page, so that they can edit and load them as user stylesheets<>. (Level AA) @@731<>

Action 731 was to write the IER for this:

Stylesheets provide for powerful customization of rendered content.  From time to time a user may need to make only slight modifications to the stylesheets used on a web site to satisfy certain accessibility needs.  At other times a web author may have created a powerful stylesheet that a user with a disability finds helpful. The intent of this success criteria is to allow users to easily save the CSS for a web site and make needed modifications without having to create full stylesheete of their owr and to apply well designed stylesheets to other web pages where they find the stylesheets helpful.

Examples to follow after group discussion if we agree this is the intent or clarify.


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