Re: getting ready for Thursday telecon

Some potential questions for Jonas:

0. Can you describe generally how accessibility is handled within 
Google, and within the Google Chrome team?

1. Having the product's bug database be open to view is a very good 
thing. Does it cover portions of the product that are not open source?

2. Is there a process to identify and mark new bug reports that have 
accessibility impact?

3. I've heard criticism of some open source projects that bug fixes are 
determined by voting, and since accessibility bugs are sometimes low 
priority for the majority of reviewers the accessibility bugs end up 
ranked low in priority, despite being extremely important to small 
groups of people with disabilities. What process does the Chrome project 
use to prioritizing bugs that affect accessibility?

4. Do you know whether any AT vendors are actively testing with your 
product, and have any given you feedback?

5. Mozilla Firefox has long supported extensions which can provide 
accessibility features not in the base product. Now that Chrome supports 
extensions (since September 2009) have you seen any created that affect 
accessibility, and does your architecture support a wider or narrower 
range of extensions than does Firefox?

6. Can you explain the rationale for omitting the conventional menu bar? 
They are generally considered a positive thing for accessibility, for 
example (a) underlined access keys reduce the number of keystrokes the 
user needs to memorize, (b) allow use of names instead of icons, (c) 
allow browsing both between and within menus using a simple, 
standardized set of keys, (d) they're part of the conventional UI of all 
of the major desktop GUIs and so users have come to expect them, etc. 
Can you explain the rationale for omitting it? Are there other examples 
of deviating from platform conventions?

7. Google Chrome Fails to follow colors and size preferences the user 
has registered in Control Panel (e.g. active and inactive title bar 
color). Is that considered a bug or a feature?

8. Do you expect anyone from Google will have an opportunity to review 
the draft UAAG20, and comment on which success criteria Google Chrome 
does, will, and will not meet?

9. Is there much awareness of UAAG within Google, and what are thoughts 
on its potential importance or impact (e.g. government purchasing 

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Subject: getting ready for Thursday telecon
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Date: 5/18/2010 12:57 PM
> Hi All,
> On the call this Thursday we will have Jonas Klink from the Chromium group
> at Google with us.
> Send questions to the list? Hopefully, this will help generate more
> questions,  so we all don't think of the same question and have only a few
> to ask.
> I am going to see how much of UAAG20 I can match with Chrome 4 functionality
> before the call. If anyone wants to take a chunk of the guidelines let me
> know.
> Jim

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