Re: FW: cross browser accessibility testing

Wonderful!  Please keep an eye out for extensions that specifically meet 
our success criteria.  Please invite them to join our group, or at least 
join the mailing list and comment on drafts and surveys.

We will need implementations of UAAG 2.0 in about 6-9 months.  See if 
they are aware of UAAG 2.0 and are interested in being an implementer.

Joining a call is a good idea if we have an agenda that will take 
advantage of it.  I think we should think of specific topics we would 
like to discuss with them before we schedule a call.  But, by all means, 
see if they are interested.

Let's put this on the agenda for next week and see what the group thinks.

Good job making the contact, Simon. Good luck!


Simon Harper wrote:
> Strangely I have a meeting next Thursday with Google and the Chrominum 
> people about accessibility extensions to chrome, so I'll be late to the 
> UAWG meeting. I could invite them to the following UAWG call in a week 
> or two if you wanted?
> Cheers
> Si.
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> On 15/04/2010 19:40, Jim Allan wrote:
>> This is an interesting idea. Do others have thoughts?
>> UAAG needs to document implementations and we need to come up with a 
>> testing
>> suite for success criteria.
>> Is there a problem with this not being in W3 space?
>> Jim
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>> I wonder if this is a good venue for building a shared library of
>> browser accessibility tests:
>> Thoughts?
>> cheers,
>> David
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