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From: Jim Allan <allanj@tsbvi.edu>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 09:14:53 -0600
To: "'UAWG list'" <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
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Disregard action-198. When 201 is complete, 198 will be moot.

ACTION-201 [1]
Rewrite 4.5.6 group, individual and total reset

This is an expansion of 
ACTION-198 [2]
Create 4.5.6 restore to default settings accessibility.

No current wording.

4.5.6 Restore all to default. The user can restore all preference settings
to their default values. (Level A) 

NOTE: The user must not be required to know or enter the default value.

4.5.7 Restore related preferences to default. The user can restore groups of
related preference settings to their default values (e.g. reset keyboard
shortcuts, reset colors and sizes of rendered content, etc.). (Level AA)

NOTE: Allowing the user to reset groups of related preference settings is
more valuable than merely providing the ability to reset all preference
settings together, because some users will be unable to use the product
without a few specific custom settings. [This may be better in the
understanding document]

4.5.8 Restore defaults outside the UI: The user can adjust preference
settings from outside the user agent user interface. (Level AA)

NOTE: This allows the user to configure a product that would be inaccessible
in its default state. 

EXAMPLE 1: A user agent ships with a separate utility for resetting or
loading user preference settings. 

EXAMPLE 2: Holding down a modifier keys or specifying a command-line switch
when starting the user agent could force it to use the default settings, or
previously used and known-good settings, or a specified user profile.
[note and examples may be better in the understanding document]

Notes, examples, and new success criteria from Greg (Thanks!)

1. http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/tracker/actions/201 
2. http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/tracker/actions/196 

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