UA Face-to-Face Plan


As I'm sure everyone knows, our face-to-face is happening 11/5-6.  Full details can be found on the meeting page at

Our overall objective for this meeting is to make significant progress on a techniques/understanding document for our guidelines.  We are going to use an approach that looks to provide the following for our success criteria:

Intent - What is the objective of the given success criteria, why is it needed in a user friendly explanatory format.
Examples - Some examples of how a user agent might satisfy a success criteria.
Resources - Resources that help in implementing a given success criteria.

We are modeling this in part off of what has been done for the Authoring Tool techniques document.  You can see an example at

At the meeting itself there will be opportunities to work on those success criteria that are of interest to each of us.  We'll likely work in smaller groups for part of the time and then present our work to the full meeting participants.

To prepare you can review our most current draft at  Note Jeanne should be publishing an update prior to our meeting.  Think about how we convey the intent and examples we've had several discussions about to those outside our working group.  That is one of the main objectives of our work from the face-to-face.

We can also go over the plan at this Thursday's conference call.



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