Comments on HTML 5 Section 7 User Interaction

7.2. Hidden Attribute

User agents will need to ensure to reflect the state of this attribute in their accessibility APIs.  This may be stating the obvious but is worth calling out since there are various situations today where AT products do or do not show the same text that is visually displayed and this is another potential variable to keep in mind.

7.4 scroll into view

This is an interesting one.  The GL talks about calling attention at times as in The scrollIntoView([top]) method, when called, must cause the element on which the method was called to have the attention of the user called to it.  Exactly what this means for accessibility and how UA should do this in an accessible fashion are good things to think about.

7.10 drag and drop
This defines a drag/drop mechanism which is interesting since this is very mouse-centric.  It does also include copy/paste which tends to be the keyboard method of making drag behaviors accessible but for UA this still means some challenges.  I know ARIA has some around this as well.


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