ISSUE 7 - 4.6.4 reword

This issue is all about searching. I have some new text and a couple  
of points:

1) Searching suggests something we do over many documents - find is  
some thing we do inside a document - although I realise find is what  
we do to action the searching. Question, should be look at changing  
some wording here to include 'find'.

2) This is about text content - but does this mean captions in  
multimedia - and if so is it the player or the browsers  
responsibility to offer this functionality?

3) If search / find is not included in the UA functionality - do they  
need to add it specifically to meet our guidelines?

I've reformulated 4.6 in total taking ijto account Gregs suggestions  

#87. Adopted
#88. Should Be 'A' (search / find used by most Visually Disabled Users.)
#89. Kind of / called it search direction
#90. Adopted; however, multimedia components are not necessary as it  
is about text search in content)
#91. see 3.10.2
#92. Adopted
#93. Changed the way 4.6 is structured
#94. Adopted
#95. Adopted as 4.6.6

So the restructuring / re-working looks like this:

Guideline 4.6 Provide Accessible Text Search (Find).

4.6.1 Search Rendered: The user can perform a search within rendered  
content (e.g., not hidden with a style) for text and text  
alternatives for a sequence of characters from the document character  
set. (Level A)

4.6.2 Search Direction:  (Level A):
(a) direction: The user has the option of searching forward or  
backward from any selected or focused location in content
(b) notification: the user is notified of changes in search  
direction; and when the search reaches the upper or lower extent of  
the content based on the search direction.

4.6.3 Match Found: When there is a match, the following are true  
(Level A):
(a) notification: the user is alerted
(b) move: the viewport moves so that the matched text content is at  
least partially within it,
(c) search again: the user can search for the next instance of the  
text from the location of the match.

4.6.4 No Match Found: When there is no match, the following is true  
(Level A):
(a) notification: the user is alerted

4.6.5 Case Sensitivity: There is a case sensitive and case- 
insensitive search option. (Level A)

4.6.6 Advanced Search: If the user agent provides an advanced search  
facility, it is fully accessible. (Level AA)



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