Survey comments from Kim


Here are my survey comments:

#55 (Re 4.1.10)
It's important to that the user be able to both assign new shortcut keys 
and override existing ones. I also think it's important that the user be 
able to easily see any UI changes -- see 4.1.5 comment.

#63 (Re 4.1.5)
I think as an option browsers should have the caps Ctrl+D next to the 
address bar (grey text in the address field would be a more elegant 
solution). Keyboard shortcuts that act on any text are different because 
they have no location associated with them. I think there are creative 
ways to give the user guidance, even with these, however. A drop-down 
menu could show and concisely define all keyboard shortcut commands, 
including those that act on any text. (Even better if the list were 
printable and could be ordered and formatted by the user.) I think it's 
key that there be somewhere easy to get to to see what keyboard commands 
are. Also, if the user changes the keyboard shortcut, does the 
display/menu change?


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