ACTION-149 to write proposal for 'default settings of UA should be accessible'

My action was to write a proposal for 'default settings of UA should  
be accessible'; although in the Introduction to the document we say:

'Some users may have more than one disability, and the needs of  
different disabilities may contradict. Thus, many of the requirements  
in this document involve configuration as one way to ensure that a  
functionality designed to improve accessibility for one user does not  
interfere with accessibility for another. A default user agent  
setting may be useful for one user but interfere with accessibility  
for another, therefore this document prefers configuration  
requirements rather than requirements for default settings. For some  
content, a feature required by this document may be ineffective or  
cause content to be less accessible, making it imperative that the  
user be able to turn off the feature. To avoid overwhelming users  
with an abundance of configuration options, this document includes  
requirements that promote ease of configuration and documentation of  
accessibility features.'

Which suggests to me that the we should shy away from 'default' and  
present this as a 'light touch'. Therefore I was thinking something  
along the lines of:

'4.5.X Reconfigure Defaults: The user agent will allow its default  
settings to be reconfigured by the user, via a globally accessible  
key combination (level A); and further, will automatically prompt the  
user to reconfigure the default settings at the first application  
launch after installation (Level AA).'



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