UA and Video

The following is a summary/synthesis of the UAWG call today
Comments, corrections, additions welcome.

Current UAAG2 draft -

Current Video
Non-native to browser. 

Play in <object> or <embed> - quicktime, real player, windows media player,
Flash - 
	as a compound document
	Limited to no keyboard operation or feature selection when handed
	Keyboard accessible Flash player available from WGBH
	No scaling (other than full screen if player allows, not sure if
zoom page feature also zooms video)
Play in separate stand alone proprietary player (no standalone Flash)
	Good keyboard operation and feature selection
	Some scaling of video size
Captions are a synchronized text track. Language of text available. Little
other if any metadata.
UAAG guidelines for 
	Stop, start, play, resume
	Auto play
	Navigate media temporally 
	Slow down
	Indicate temporal position (% of total)
	Alert to presence of alternative content (captions, video
description, etc.)
	Render synchronized media (video and captions)
Future video
Native to browser
UA provide interface for controls and feature selection
API (native to browser) available to author for feature/options that UA can
display to user

Needed UAAG2 checkpoints??:
User override of author defaults (already have in UAAG2)
Captions on/off
Ability to alter characteristics of captions (color, size, font-family) 
	?? or will 3.7 cover this because video will be native to user agent

Ability to alter display of  and characteristics of controls (show/hide
controls, change size/color appearance of buttons, sliders, etc.)
Selection of audio and text tracks (will need more meta or author
information - is the audio a different language, video description, director
narration, combined 'default' track with video description, etc. so user
knows what they are selecting)
Play/render multiple alternate tracks (text or audio or sign) simultaneously
Structured navigation (scene, chapters, section, etc.)
	?? covered by 4.7 ??
Scale video element - rest of document to reflow (also scale images
Change contrast of video
Spatial navigation and position indication
Alert to, navigate to, and activate actionable spatial or text links in
video or captions

Received on Thursday, 21 February 2008 23:24:04 UTC