Re: UAAG2 definition addition: "input configuration"

I'd remove the "preferably"...

<INS>or the XHTML Access Module [XHTML ACESS]).</INS>


Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> input configuration
>     An input configuration is the set of "bindings" between user agent 
>     functionalities and user interface input mechanisms (e.g., menus, 
>     buttons, keyboard keys, and voice commands). The default input 
>     configuration is the set of bindings the user finds after 
>     installation of the software. Input configurations may be affected 
>     by author-specified bindings (e.g., through the accesskey attribute 
>     of HTML 4 [HTML4] <INS>or, preferably, the XHTML Access Module 
>     [XHTML ACESS]).</INS>
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