RE: [XHTML Access] activate boolean? & asserting user control (update)

aloha, jim!

no, i don't think you are missing anything...

i understand your concern, which is why i feel that the sole material 
question that remains to be answered is:

will a pointer-driven query of an object for which multiple events 
have been defined, be interpreted as activate="yes" for all events,
or is there something that needs to be stated explicitly about UA 
and/or user control over pointer device interaction with object for 
which access has been set?

this is especially pertinent, as not only is the pointer-driven 
experience the dominant one on the web, but also because those 
using simulated pointing devices may need to query an object 
via the pointer interface before any events defined for that 
object are fired...   and, of course, there is always the issue
of inadvertent/accidental mouseOver events being fired without 
the user's cognizance

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> My concern is that you are asking for functions for a keyboard 
> user that are not available to a mouse user. If a mouse user 
> activates an element - all events fire. The user has no idea 
> what will happen or how many things go off. They only know that 
> an element can be 'clicked on' and something will happen. Why 
> should a keyboard user have the additional functionality of knowing
> events available and choosing which events to fire?
> Or am I missing something?
> Jim

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