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At 17:01 11/12/2007, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
>is anyone aware of ANY user agents that support "User preferences for
>colors", as defined in CSS2?  it seems like one of the most sane
>approaches to honoring the user's default operating system environment's
>18.2 User preferences for colors
>[compare to:]

Some of the CSS support charts on the web provide information on this;
I have found two that claim that some user agents support these values:

* According to <> (navigate to
the heading "color referencing methods") claims that "UI colors" are
supported by "Moz5", Internet Explorer versions 4 and 5, not supported by
Opera 3.6 and "destroyed" in Netscape Navigator 4 and Internet Explorer 3
(you can see it's an old chart ;-) ).

* According to <>,
UI colours are also supported by Internet Explorer 6 and 7, by Firefox2
and by Opera 9.

(I have never seen these units "in the wild".)

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>In addition to being able to assign pre-defined color values to text,
>backgrounds, etc., CSS2 allows authors to specify colors in a manner that
>integrates them into the user's graphic environment. Style rules that
>take into account user preferences thus offer the following advantages:
>   1. They produce pages that fit the user's defined look and feel.
>   2. They produce pages that may be more accessible as the current
>      user settings may be related to a disability.

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