Re: FF3 autocomplete control/configuration inquiry

aloha, david!

thanks for the pointer -- you wouldn't know it from my email, but
i actually do have a mozilla bugzilla account... next time i'll 
start there...

one thing that may have been lost in my post was the question,
> > speaking of SeaMonkey, aaron and marco, will FF3 replace 
> > navigator in SeaMonkey when FF3 ships?

can anyone tell me anything about plans for SeaMonkey, or is the 
SeaMonkey a11y effort separate from the FF a11y effort, and should
i be bothering a different a11y group at

one thing which has come to mind from this experience, from a usability 
standpoint, is that the situation could have been mitigated if the user 
had the option to use a hot key to either edit the location bar directly, 
or to open a "Location" dialog box (as IE does in response to CONTROL 
plus O) -- a user could very well want one (the location bar) to 
implement an autocomplete routine (over which the user, of course, needs 
configurability) while setting the other not to attempt to autocomplete 
or keep a history buffer -- or, if the user wanted, autocomplete could 
be toggled on and off in both, or neither, input interface, in accordance 
with user-set parameters, such as those implemented in current builds of 
SeaMonkey...  chances are that users will be more likely to find a way 
to work around the problem i encountered by invoking an intermediate 
input interface, which allowed me to directly input new text into an 
input interface..

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> Hi Gregory,
> Tomorrow's nightly build should contain a fix I think.
> If curious see
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