Questions to discuss with PF

0. Do they see a problem requiring full implementation both DOM and 
accessAPI for all access info.

1. Is there a way that UA can find out about active area refresh rate?

2. Is it reasonable for the user to override the authors timing 
intervals.(Tied to 3.5 "Toggle auto-content retrieval")

3. Concerned about conflicts between with keyboard navigation and 
control.  Establish and document how the user agent resolves key binding 
conflicts between the OS, AT's, user agent user interface, user agent 
extensions (e.g plug-ins), HTML elements (i.e. accesskeys), and 
JavaScript functions (i.e. keypress events). If a keystroke is not 
defined by the user agent user interface,the user agent should pass it 
on to the user agent extensions, HTML elements, then JavaScript 
functions, in that order. Not sure we should be this prescriptive?

4. How do you envision the ARIA experience for non-AT users? Navigating
live regions, etc.?

5. Define "adaptive interface"?

Received on Monday, 5 November 2007 20:15:04 UTC