Re: A link to comments on 2.7 Repair Missing Content

If the alt (or title) attribute is omitted for an image or image link, what
are the choices the user agent has?

1. Render part or all of the src or href attribute.
2. Render something generic, like "image" or "image link" or the element
3. Render some other attribute that exists (name or ID).
4. Assume the image or image link is not important and render nothing at

Of these, which would the user think is the best choice?  I think #4
violates this and other UAAG checkpoints, so is unacceptable. The author
doesn't say what the UAAG sufficent techniques should be in this case for
checkpoint 2.7 Repair missing content, only what the techniques shouldn't

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People on the x-tech list are no doubt seeing the back and forth about
whether alt should be required...

In a recent x-tech posting
() I
noticed a link with some interesting things to say about UAAG 1.0,
checkpoint 2.7 "Repair Missing Content": The entry is called the "The
price of omitting the alt"


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