Toggle Scripts proposal - modification of 3.4

3.4 Toggle scripts (P1)

   1. Allow configuration not to execute any executable content (e.g.,
scripts and applets).

Normative inclusions and exclusions

   1. This checkpoint does not apply to plug-ins and other programs that are
not part of content.

It was suggested in a meeting to expand or modify this checkpoint. UAs
currently have the ability to toggle the execution of javascript. The UA has
knowledge of the existence of the javascript. The UA has no knowledge (or
way of knowing) what the javascript is doing.

One UA can also toggle the execution of activeX controls.

Checkpoint 3.4 specifically excludes controlling the execution of plugins.

Current UAs do not have the ability to toggle the execution of embedded
objects (content that requires an external application or plug-in to
render). Peter stated that current UAs do have control over whether an
external application is allowed to load. Default behavior for installed
plug-ins is on. That is, if a plug-in is installed, and content is embedded
in a webpage that requires the execution of the plug-in, then the plug-in is
executed and the content is rendered. Other than uninstalling the plug-in,
the user is not given access to change this UA behavior.

I suggest removing the normative exclusion, and making the checkpoint
explicitly include plug-ins. While the plug-in may not be part of the
content, the information rendered by the plug-in is content. As the UA
already knows which plug-ins are available, that information and control of
the execution of the individual plugins should be passed to the user.

3.4 Toggle executable content (P1)

   1. Allow configuration not to execute any executable content (e.g.,
scripts, plugs-ins and applets).


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