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XHTML access module - follow-up from 9 august 2007 call

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 16:11:25 -0400
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
Message-Id: <20070809200947.M18923@hicom.net>


al gilman's opening requirements and issues list from the WAI is contained
in toto on the following wiki page:

the XHTML access module to which i refered during today's telecon (and 
which is referenced in AlG's post, cited above, is defined at:

the XHTML access module is further discussed in the following wiki page:

(note 1: i wrote both the pro and con rationales on the page, and no one 
has changed or modified that portion of the page since i populated it)

basically, for interpreting and communicating javascripted widgets, ARIA 
relies on the XHTML role element to provide the user agent with 
information about the behavior of a widget;  javascript can then 
manipulate the widget via the DOM, but because states and properties 
are mapped to the pertinent accessibility platform for the OS/UA in use, 
assisstive technology and user agents can understand the widget's 
behavior, communicate that information to the user, and respond to the
changes caused by the widget appropriately....

XHTML Role Attribute Module:

The XHTML Modularization Roadmap:

the accessibility working group of the linux foundation has a 
subteam on "expert handlers" and are approaching the issue from the 
same angle as is the PFWG -- janina sajka is the chair of the 
accessibility working group at the linux foundation, the brief URI for 
which is:


yes, the accessibility WG at the linux foundation is known as a11y, 
a naming convention that i'm not too keen on -- especially since 
a lot of low vision users interpret it as a l l y -- that's what happens
when you use a visual pun as an abbreviation!

amongst others, earl johnson is involved in the handlers sub-group;
almost everyone in the a11y working group is directly involved in 
development and implementation, so they are a good ally (sorry!) 
to have -- i can serve as a liaison between UA and A11y, as i'm the
webmaster/listmaster for the accessibility working group -- even 
got a spiffy new eddress: gregory@linux-foundation.org, but 
unfortunately, since the linux foundation is in the process of 
migrating its servers from san francisco to portland, oregon, i cannot
currently access that account)

i hope this helps answer any lingering questions from today's telecon,
more words to live by from Homer J. Simpson:
"What is mind?  No matter...  What is matter?  Never mind..."
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