Definition: Web Content TECHNOLOGY


WCAG-WG has added this definition:


"Web content technology"

mechanism for encoding instructions to be rendered, played or executed
by user agents

NOTE 1: As used in these guidelines "Web Technology" and the word
"technology" (when used alone) both refer to Web Content Technologies.

NOTE 2: Web Content technologies may include markup languages, data
formats, or programming languages that authors may use alone or in
combination to create end-user experiences that range from static Web
pages to multimedia presentations to dynamic Web applications.

EXAMPLE: Some common examples of Web content technologies include
HTML, CSS, SVG, PNG, PDF, Flash, and JavaScript"


The term does not appear in UAAG 1.0, however the non-defined terms 
"format" and "specifications" are used to refer to much the same thing.

I propose that UAAG 2.0 harmonize with WCAG 2.0 (and ATAG 2.0 which may 
also approve the term) by using the new term.

One advantage of the definition from the perspective of this group is 
that it has an important reference to "user agents".



Received on Friday, 3 August 2007 18:09:28 UTC