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Re: REQUEST: point HTML WG to Draft Test Suite for HTML 4.01

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 10:46:20 -0400
Message-ID: <46B09CBC.8080204@utoronto.ca>
To: "Gregory J. Rosmaita" <oedipus@hicom.net>
CC: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

Hi Gregory,

I'm OK with you making that link.

Re: Having you in the UA group. I'd certainly welcome that!


Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> aloha, all!
> first of all, apologies for not finishing my homework from the last
> UA telecon by the date i set (sunday) -- i will get it onto XTech 
> before the next telecon (which i probably will attend, if only to 
> comment on issues that pertain to the HTML WG and the XHTML2 WG, 
> both of which groups i am in...
> in the interim, however, there is a call for reliable test suites
> for HTML 4.01 as proof-of-concept for what has been stripped from 
> HTML 4.01 in the HTML5 draft...  so, i'm asking the WG and the chair
> for permission to link-to:
> http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/TS/html401/
> from the HTML WG's ESW wiki space -- in particular:
>  * http://esw.w3.org/topic/HTML/UAs
>  * http://esw.w3.org/topic/HtmlTestMaterials
> and a UA implementation page that karl dubost has proposed, but which
> hasn't yet made an appearance in the HTML WG's ESW wiki space...
> if you think it needs tweaking -- such as changing the mailto: links 
> to point to www-archive or somewhere similar -- that is a decision 
> for jim, jan and the rest of the WG's regular members (one of which i 
> hope to be again, if the chair will have me and the staff contact 
> stand me!)
> gregory.
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