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UAAG 1.0 and Rich Internet Applications

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 14:27:25 -0500
Message-ID: <45A7E11D.4050903@utoronto.ca>
To: WAI-UA list <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>


This is the result of my action item to crunch Jim's Issue Tracking 
document (http://www.tsbvi.edu/technology/uawg/issues-jan11.htm) down 
into a listing of areas of UAAG 1.0 that we think might be most affected 
by the advent of AJAX Rich Internet Application technologies such as 
AJAX... ("AJAX" will be the shorthand used in this message)


1.3 Provide text messages (P1)
2.1 Render content according to specification (P1)
- Accessible notification of user about changes in content when specific 
content is refreshed without a total page refresh (Reference WAI-ARIA)

2.4 Allow time-independent interaction (P1)
3.5 Toggle automatic content retrieval (P1)
- AJAX refresh out of UA control

3.1 Toggle background images (P1)
- what happens if background images used in AJAX widgets and images are 
turned off?

3.2 Toggle audio, video, animated images (P1)
3.3 Toggle animated or blinking text (P1)
- AJAX can be used to create animations [JR added]

8.1 Implement accessibility features (P1)
TABINDEX and ACCESSKEY as currently implemented are confusing to end 
users. Although TABINDEX=-1 and ACCESSKEY are used extensively in AJAX 
and new web applications. How to resolve? [JR: not sure what this refers to]

9.1 Provide content focus (P1)
- need to update the definitions of "enable elements" and "interactive 
elements" to provide for components used in DHTML/AJAX. Definition 
change may impact the scope of other checkpoints.

9.2 Provide user interface focus (P1)
- Related to Compound Documents and DHTML/AJAX. Focus management between 
base UA and nested/child UA (Object, flash, mathml, svg).


7.3 Respect operating environment conventions (P2)
- There are some issues between AJAX widgets/controls and High contrast 
mode and alternate keyboard interfaces (sticky keys)

9.5 No events on focus change (P2)
- often events on AJAX controls important

11.2 Current author input configuration (P2)
11.3 Allow override of bindings (P2)
- How should UA expose author specified keybindings that occur in AJAX 
which are not exposed in the DOM or to accessibility APIs. [should this 
be a WCAG requirement?]
- if can't see AJAX bindings how can they be over-ridden?




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