RE: User Agent Teleconference for 30 November 2006

10.1 Associate table cells and headers (P1)
no problems

10.2 Highlight selection, content focus, enabled elements, visited links
no specific problem or issue. Comment: there is a lot of overlap and
conflict between the OS, UA configuration, and the author styling, which can
result in creating accessibility problems depending on which settings have
precedent and how comprehensive the setting is. Not sure we can address
this, ultimately the user has to decide on the combination of settings that
allow for an accessible experience. This seem similar to the issue about
abbreviation expansion conflicts with screenreaders, browsers, and

10.3 Single highlight configuration (P2)
a default configuration of using base browser style should also be provided.

10.4 Provide outline view (P2)
"title" attribute should be removed. Title can be an attribute for any
element and may clutter the "structured navigation".
This almost seems like a technique for 9.9

10.5 Provide link information (P3)
no issue

10.6 Highlight current viewport (P1)
I found this confusing. when the viewport is the entire browser content
area - the chrome of the browser (highlighted border of the application) can
serve as the highlighting mechanism for the currently active viewport. It
seemed when reading the techniques that the highlighting had to be within
the content area. We may need to clarify.

10.7 Indicate viewport position (P3)
no problem


Received on Thursday, 30 November 2006 18:01:16 UTC