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 JR: Regrets: David P.
 JR: Zakim, take up agendum 1
Document (WICD) Core 1.0, WICD Full 1.0" taken up [from
 Zakim: ... JR]
 JR: CL: Discussed with Rich
 JR: CL: How do you maintain UI consistency with different embedded
 JR: CL: plus if its seamless user might not realize they are in a differnt
 JR: JA: SVG viewer experience, viewer couldn't be scaled
 JR: JA: Even though what's in the view can be expanded.
 JR: JA: Assume everyhting will generate DOM nodes?
 JR: CL: Is it one DOM or multiple?
 JR: CL: So far concentrated on keyboard issues.
 JR: CL: Also talked with Rich about how to expose info in SVG and MathML.
 JR: JR: The dream seems to be one harmonized experience
 jallan: cl: how is keyboard interaction harmonized between different tools
 JR: CL: But in my experience each part is made by someone different, so
harmonization is difficult..
 jallan: accesskey conflict, are a problem.
 jallan: User agent or AT must negotiate keybindings
 JR:  CL: Early cases of Flash+HTML showed problems.
 JR: JR: These docs seemed to assume very strong UA support or highly
harmonized UA+plugins
 JR: JA: UA guidelines assumed one UA (or very tightled harmonized)
 JR: CL: Another issue...voiceXML...related to interaction between voiceXML
author's expectations and AT running on top.
 JR: JA: Also WebAPI group looking at conflicting API's. "Web-API" working
 JR: CL: Considering accessibility API's?
 JR: JA: Prob. not.
 JR: CL: DO group used to look at things at lower level.
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 jallan: DOm issues: all document types have different DOM. In unix world us
using the accessibility api to harmonize doms
 jallan: through ATK and ATSPI
 jallan: there is a bridge that bridges these 2 apis together to share
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 JR: I'm back.
 jallan: Linux world is working on building this harmonization.
 JR: JR: comments on these docs can be sent back as just a list of comments
 JR: JA: Which are our (UA) probs, which are "their" probs.
 JR: JA: e.g. security...
 JR: JR: Is there an accessibility angle to that?
 JR: JA: In reference framework, 2.3 Link Activation, behaviour of nested
 JR: JA: in an SVG there could be links nested inside each other.
 JR: JA: What's the keyboard nav for that scenario?
 JR: CL: It's a bit like a map...
 JR: CL: There's a default link, but how do you get ot the others?
 JR: JR: I also think 6.3.1 Two Dimensional Focus Navigation (Flat,
Graphical, Joystick) is an important area to look at
 JR: Action CL: Will ask Aaron to look through this from Firefox perspecitve
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 JR: action JA: Will come up with a list of issues for discussion on list.
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 JR: JR: Interactivity should be common throughout (ui of all containers
should be the same)
 JR: JA: Object element in HTML is an example of uneven interactivity.
 JR: CL: root problem is the API's.
 JR: CL: Maybe one day W3C stuff will harmonize but external formats always
a problem.
 JR: JR: Browsers are building in more native support...
 JR: CL: Still long way to go. But then again maybe SVG will be as
full-featured as Flash someday.
 jallan: cl: java embedded within an html page, with accessibility API, then
need Java Access bridge to share information. too many layers.
 JR: Zakim, close agendum 1
 Zakim: agendum 1, Review the following last call documents: Compound
Document by Reference Framework 1.0, Web Integration Compound Document
(WICD) Core 1.0, WICD Full 1.0, closed
 Zakim: I see nothing remaining on the agenda
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