Some sources of information for DHTML Roadmap Table 2.- GAP Analysis

Here's some sources of information to help better understand the the Table
2.0 GAP Analysis in the DHTML Roadmap document (

Focus changes
From UAAG:

From DOM Events spec:


From UAAG:

From DOM Events spec:

Caret changes: A caret is the text insertion bar in a window, or the
current position for text input.
Described under focus:

User Agent API: For example, see descriptions of caret browsing mode in

Value changes: Monitor the change in the value property for an object, like
the value for a form control.
MSAA: An object's value property changes. See EVENT_OBJECT_VALUE_CHANGE:

ATK: Monitor object property value changes, of which one property is the
accessible_value property:

From UAAG:

User AGent API: For Windows, see EVENT_OBJECT_SELECTION:

For ATK, see selection_changed signal:

DOM Events:

ATK: See the enumerated types and descriptions:

Accessible name:

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