W3C UAAG meeting minutes - January 27

Chair: Jon Gunderson
Date: Thursday, 27 January 2005
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm Boston Local Time, USA (19:00-20:00
Call-in: Zakim bridge at: +1-617-761-6200, code 8294

1. Face-to-face meeting at W3C Technical Plenary 28 February -
4 March 2005

2. HTML test suite and browser implementation reports

3. SVG test suite development

4. Univ. Texas project to build speech interface to Firefox

Jon Gunderson
Cathy Laws
Matt Mays
Harvey Bingham

Peter Korn
Susan Crayne
Aaron Leventhal

Jon: Microsoft wants to update test suite. They need a representative on
UAAG. How many people have registered for face-to-face?
Matt: 4 members have registered and 2 observers.
Jon: Know anything about UT  Firefox project? How can they help us and we
help them? Project completed in December? Are they implementing more of
Cathy: I'll talk to Aaron about it.
Jon: Focus on face-to-face agenda today.
Jon: On Tuesday, March 1 we will have joint meeting with PF. Talk about PF
Web application roadmap. Also good for Sun Microsystems. 1 PM - 4 PM,
maybe. Matt, check with Al Gilman to see if it fits in with their agenda.
Harvey: Having any meetings with EO?
Jon: Not planned. Starting UAAG meetings at 8 AM on Thursday. Are there
breakfasts before meetings?
Matt: Coffee or something.
Jon: Meet with SVG representative (Dean Jackson or Chris Lilley?) to talk
about coordinating test suites with ours, and about SVG accessibility 1 -
2:45 PM Thursday. Talked to Will Pearson?
Matt: Haven't heard from him recently.
Jon: Also talk about our  implementation reports and test suites. 3:15 PM -
5 PM.,
Cathy: Will have HPR 3.04 UAAG implementation report updated by the
meetings. WCAG 2.0 is considering some HPR 3.04 implementations in some of
their new recommendations.
Jon: Also Mozilla keyboard support coordination. Discuss long term keyboard
models. More techniques for UAAG related to keyboard.
Cathy: They are also working on SVG support in Mozilla, so we could talk
about that, too.
Jon: Talk about keyboard implementations and Mozilla's strategies from 8 -
noon. What else is PF group talking about?
Matt: About XHTML and SVG. Last call groups and joint meetings. DOM working
group is dissolved. I will talk to the groups we are dependent on to find
out which times are best.
Jon: Activity during lunch on technical plenary day (Wednesday) talking
about joint test suites with other groups. UAAG face-to-face agenda on
Jon: Cathy, if you find things HPR does that are not in test suites, let me
Matt: I created a wiki. Anyone can edit it. Edit button on every page. Can
also roll back comments if someone spams. If needed, password protection.
Language you learn and use. Email notifications. Attachments. Whatever the
group wants to use it for.
Jon: Start publicizing?
Matt: http://www.bestkungfu.com/uawg/
Cathy: Post on our UAWG page how to get to it?
Matt: We can do that.
Jon: Use it for compatibility and design issues?
Jon: We can put some links to IBM accessibility guidelines and others,
links to PF group.
Cathy: Also, ease of access (usability) will be presented at CSUN and
posted on IBM's Web site.
Jon: Next regular meeting on February 10th. Meeting with Sun Beijing on Feb
7th/8th. Matt doing CSUN presentation on test suites. I do a lot of
workshops. There is more awareness about WCAG and developing accessible
content than UAAG and developing and using test suites.
Harvey: Disappointing. Room for improvement.
Jon: Higher density monitors will make some techniques obsolete. Web
developers seem more focused on working with certain browsers and their
features than standards. Is that true at IBM?
Cathy: IBM has a corporate instruction that requires Web and software
developers to ensure their applications comply with accessibility
guidelines before they ship. If not, they must have a plan for compliance.

Cathy Laws

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