SVG 1.2 WAI comments closure process [was: Re: WAI comments on SVG 1.2 last ...]

This note describes how I plan to run the comment process in PF so as
to represent the work UA has invested in reviewing SVG 1.2.

Jon or Chris, if you want to suggest changes in the process as stated
here, please contact me off-list. [Copies to and are good, though.]


At 12:45 AM -0600 11/22/04, Jon Gunderson wrote:
>Here are comments from the user agent working group on the
>last call working draft of svg 1.2 document.

Thank you very much.

>These comments need to be sent to the svg working group by
>Wednesday the 24th.  If anyone from ua or pf has comments
>please get them to Al Gilman or myself before Wednesday.

Let's tighten that up a little: get them to the PF list in time to
read before the PF call Wednesday. SVG will extend us the courtesy of
a few extra days and we will need it. PF will be considering comments
on SVG 1.2 in a telecon on Wednesday at 1700 UTC (noon Eastern).
Written comments should now please go to,
preferrably by 1700 UTC *Tuesday* so we have a day to read before
the telecon on Wednesday.

I would like to invite UA participants who have participated in the
development of these comments to join the PF call Wednesday. Please
let me know (To:, Cc: if you
would like to be invited, so I can ensure you have all the read-ahead

Jon, I hope you will be able to join us.


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