Valid CSS [ Cascading Style Sheets ] with reference to phpAgency

Valid CSS [ Cascading Style Sheets ] with reference to phpAgency

It has recently come to my attention that some web design firms are mixing CSS [ Cascading Style Sheets ] with tables and promoting to their potential clients that CSS was not created to replace tables and that their pages will validate as standards-compliant CSS. This is a problem for what we are trying to accomplish in promoting standards-compliant layout.

Case in point is when the phpAgency was contracted by IN Media for a large sum to produce a standards-compliant layout. When the design was delivered - the company was not at all satisfied due to the fact tables were placed within the design and that phpAgency's marketing manager [ Ken Abelson ] tried to convince the programming team that tables are standard with validatable CSS - which may be true to some.

However, as far as I know CSS was created to replace tables. CSS was created to change the look and feel of an entire site at any given time. With the use of tables this will not work.

My suggestion is that W3C modifies the validation process and that NO CSS will validate when tables are in use within the HTML docs. This will keep confusion out of the picture - and save thousands of dollars in potential legal fees due to the confusion that may arise from these types of actions.

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Received on Friday, 29 October 2004 10:42:10 UTC