W3C User Agent Teleconference for 28 October 2004

Cathy Laws
Susan Crayne
Jim Allan
Jon Gunderson
Aaron Leventhal

1. Development of test suites for Mozilla Keyboard Model

jg: expected behavior of cursor keys, match the document. focal point for
optional section for types of markups- highlights, transitions from forms to
text, objects,
includes sample content
cl: only a few keys
al: there is an add on model for additional keystrokes. not sure this is the
correct way to go. Beijing has not updated their keyboard document.
cl: control-arrow, modifier + all keys listed, need pgup, pgdn, tab, and
jg: discussion of location of document,

**Action jg: move test suite to uaag area on w3c site.

al: the suites are useful for other task, accessibility
cl: are you going to add more complex thing, tab index, objects, event
al: no good place for Sun, W3, and IBM to all work on.
jg: UAAG does not specify the key stroke,

**Action al: investigate putting test suite on accessibility site at
mozilla, get JG write access to cvs

jg: discussion of keystroke and modifier+keystroke functionality
al: the keystrokes apply to caret navigation mode

discussion of usefulness of keyboard vs mouse, need for people/engineers who
know accessibility.

cl: break documents into table navigation, forms navigation.
jg: will thinks about that in the future

jg: uawg needs to review #2 and #3

2. Plan for reviewing of proposed recommendation for W3C Timed Text Format
deadline for comments Nov 14
**Action JA and SC to review

3. Review of SVG 1.2 specification for accessibility
deadline for comments Nov 14
Mozilla has builtin svg support, must download special svg build.

discussion of extension of html, web applications, building and windows ui
with html.
discussion of roles.


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