MINUTES: W3C User Agent Teleconference 18 Septmber 2003

Session Start: Thu Sep 18 13:03:48 2003
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[13:07] <m3mSEA> Hi, Jon. Looks like I'm all alone so far...
[13:10] <JRG> Present: Jon, Cathy and Matt
[13:11] <JRG> Regrets: Ian
[13:12] <JRG> JG: Workshop proposal
[13:12] <JRG> http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/WS1/
[13:12] <JRG> CL: Does it have alist of topics for the papers
[13:12] <JRG> JG: No, we solicit topics, or we could suggested topics
[13:13] <JRG> Before we go to far
[13:13] <JRG> I discussd this with the CG group yesterday
[13:13] <JRG> Tensions with workshops with broad or too focused
[13:15] <JRG> A more broader workshop was discussed on broader topics and
[13:17] <m3mSEA> JG: Workshops are a chance for organizations to give
their worldview of how things should work. Highly variable in terms of
what people term success.
[13:18] <m3mSEA> JG: We could make it more generic, but we may dilute our
potential attendees.
[13:18] <m3mSEA> JG: Would also need to determine workshop chairs to
filter the papers as they come in.
[13:20] <m3mSEA> JG: Workshops are not necessarily a strictly defined
mechanism as far as how many papers come in on which topic.
[13:21] <m3mSEA> CL: You could talk about pervasive, or new technologies,
or SMIL, MathML, XML... it's very broad.
[13:21] <m3mSEA> JG: A broader workshop would tackle that issue.
[13:23] <m3mSEA> CL: Still some areas where UAs still need to work (e.g.,
JavaScript events)
[13:23] <m3mSEA> JG: We can still solicit those comments. Part of the
workshop could be to address that.
[13:23] <JRG> MM:
[13:24] <JRG> I am concerned about resources through a workshop are
[13:24] <JRG> Finding the questions to ask are critical for discussion
[13:25] <JRG> Certain questions are too opended ended and lead to many
[13:25] <JRG> We need to have a few questions on what is broken and what
needs to be fixed
[13:27] <m3mSEA> JG: From the CG meeting yesterday, one of the WAI goals
seems to be tackling future accessibility issues. Is the current direction
going to work, etc.
[13:28] <m3mSEA> There are things that seem like UA requirements, that
seem like they should be in XAG, etc. Authoring tool vendors are saying
there may not be a bright line between tool and rendering engine, or that
they have no control over the end markup.
[13:29] <m3mSEA> Eventually, everyone is going to be an author, and the
markup language is being hidden from authors.
[13:29] <m3mSEA> Having a model of three parts may not work.
[13:30] <m3mSEA> If WAI CG decides that they need a more general workshop,
or they don't want UA do its own workshop, that would have implications on
what we do. We'll have to decide our role.
[13:31] <m3mSEA> If we did the workshop, we'd have to prepare with
workshop chairs, participants, Sun, MS, Adobe, Japanese companies, etc. to
get them involved.
[13:34] <m3mSEA> CL: Has there been a WAI workshop?
[13:34] <m3mSEA> JG: No. Not clear if they're going to host one yet,
either. Workshops have to be approved by the AC.
[13:34] <m3mSEA> MM: AB.
[13:38] <m3mSEA> JG: We'll have to get a collective sense that the CG
would be interested in a joint session if we want that direction.
Otherwise, we can proceed with a UA-centered workshop. It'll take a month
or so to work out.
[13:38] <m3mSEA> UAAG tutorial:
[13:39] <m3mSEA> JG: What conferences do people think would be good for
staging a UAAG tutorial? WWW2004 in NYC might be good.
[13:39] <JRG> MM: I don't know
[13:39] <JRG> NY is a good place
[13:39] <JRG> User agent is applicable to them
[13:40] <JRG> We have these documents that are complete, but people are
not using them
[13:41] <JRG> Major developer conferences may generate interest
[13:41] <JRG> JG:
[13:41] <JRG> So what are some conferences?
[13:42] <JRG> MM: AT sybolt, special librairies conference, XML 2003
[13:42] <JRG> Here what it takes and tools should do this for you
[13:43] <JRG> JG: Lead times?
[13:44] <JRG> CL: Diferent dates for different things
[13:50] <m3mSEA> JG: Might not want to go to a Web conference, since there
wouldn't be many UA developers, but more at an XML conference.
[13:50] <m3mSEA> CL: Lots of tool makers that are also making UAs, like
[13:54] <m3mSEA> JG: What about IBM?
[13:54] <m3mSEA> CL: Inside IBM, people see HPR as a tool, not a UA.
[13:55] <m3mSEA> JG: Could you talk to Phill about introducing the
features of UAAG?
[13:55] <JRG> Action JG: Development proposal for WWW 2004
[13:55] <m3mSEA> CL: I could. Andi is on WCAG, Phill is on ATAG, Rich is
on PFWG. They're on a standards group that could sponsor something, but
it'd probably have to be broader than UAAG.
[13:57] <m3mSEA> JG: Current strategy should be to raise awareness of
[13:57] <JRG> Action CL: Talk to IBM about interest in UAAG tutorial
[13:58] <JRG> JG: Talk to COlin about TS and implementation report
[13:58] <m3mSEA> Next meeting Oct 2.
[13:59] <JRG> Matt I will send the minutes, thanks for your help

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