JAWS 5.0 Beta Release Delayed - Fw: jaws 5.0 adds new implementation:

NOTE: JAWS 5.0 Beta Release Delayed - New Date is:
 "on or before Thursday August 28"

- Quote from Freedom Scientific Web Site -

On Friday August 15, Freedom Scientific made the first
public beta release of JAWS 5.00 available to download from
our web site. Over the weekend, a small number of people
reported unexpected behavior.
Therefore, on Monday, we made the decision to postpone the
public beta release until we could thoroughly investigate.
Hundreds of people downloaded the software and are using it
with no issues. If you are enjoying the new JAWS 5.00
features, you can confidently continue using the product and
report bugs through the form on our web site.

We have now completed the investigation and are in the
process of issuing new builds of the software to our test
department. We will also be sending the new build of 5.00 to
our private beta test group for further testing. We expect
to have a new build of the software available to the public
on or before Thursday August 28.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your

- End Quote -

Hey, Freedom Scientific is 'watching out for us' (Thank
You!) - I just wish some other Software Companies were as
conscientious (Like "M_cr_s_ft")!

Sean Stapleford
Senior Assistive Technology Tester
TecAccess - http://www.TecAccess.NET/

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Subject: jaws 5.0 adds new implementation:

> With the pending release of jaws 5.0 which is now
undergoing testing by the
> public with no restrictions as in the past, there are
numerous features that
> bear on our implementation senarios.  One is natural
language rendering.
> Jaws with eloquence can now speak the language of a site
which has been
> marked up with the lang attrib automatically.
> Another is the introduction of sound schemes and voice
aliases which further
> enhance the ability of users to be provided with ui and
site information in
> different voices and sounds.
> yet another feature is the ability of jaws to tell you now
when there is a
> mouse over on an element and often that mouse over can be
> There are many more features in the new jaws 5.0 and you
can read about them
> and shortly be able to download it at:

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