MINUTES: W3C User Agent Accessibility Guidleines Working Group 14 AUgust 2003

Matt May, Tim Lacy, Harvy Bingham, Jon Gunderson, David Poehlman, Jim
Regrets from Ian Jacobs,

J G: Discussion: Finalizing the charter

H B: Concern over lack of specific targets such as XML accessibility etc.

Jg: could be too specific.

T L, Priority should be Test suites, working on Uaag 1.0, and putting the
workshop together.

H B:  Will WAI Die next June?

J G, It happens that it will need to be re-chartered and that it will not

M M: All groups re-charter after a certain number of years and must be
renewed.  Some members provide specific funds for WAI

H B: Success criteria are un-measurable as is stated at the beginning of
list.  Draft charter section  6 Success criteria are development or

J G: Suggest publish / make available information on implementations of.

T L: any changes in 10.3 since last round?

J G: Send to Judy?

D P: Do we need to talk about work shop vs face to face?

J G: Matt, is there a difference that needs to be expressed in the charter
between the two?

Mat, Yes...

J G: Workshop is a data/interest gathering event with position papers from
parties and try to bring people together with interest in a topic and
suggest how w3c can help clarify technologies...

M M: One workshop is on binary XML which can be found at:... There will be
call for a number of papers on topics in which people are interested and
some discussion with w3c on coming to agreement.  One in november on
usability and what we can do and possibly an interest group on usability.

J G: We don't seem to have a good reason right now to have a face to face.
In my mind a workshop would be a way to gain new members

Jim Allan Joins:

D P: Will there be call for participation

J G: This is part of the chartering process.

D P, No problem with workshop depending on topics and interest but don't

M M: Dates of Face to face does not need to be in charter and can be

J G: There would probably be only time for one between the workshop and
end of the charter.

J A: Workshop could be at C-SUN for instance as possibly a demonstration
to show what has been done.

J G: We need to raise awareness in forums other than the disability area
such as developers.  An additional strategy would be to present or hold
developer workshops at other conferences.

J G: Tim, is there anything we can do to increase the size of the
participation in UAAGWG?

T L: We are working on ways to increase envolvement from microsoft.

J g: any objection to moving forward?  Mat, we take it to judy and she
follows up?

M M: Judy takes it to the chairs and the director and others.

Action: J G: Action  to update and publish the document to judy and the
working group with workshop info and decide where it goes such as in
communication.  If comments after that, send to judy.

Another type of activity could be half day workshop / presentations at
conferences where main stream developers go. Any other wai groups doing
this kind of thing?

M M: Wendy did one and I will be doing one so it is not uncommon and we
happy to met with people who are interested in working on these.

J G: These do not have to be working group grown?  This would be an
that people could just do.  If anyone is interested, I'd be willing to
on that.

Charter moves forward action per J G:

Meeting Adjourned 2:45:00 pm EDT.

Received on Thursday, 14 August 2003 16:00:37 UTC